The Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to help people to create changes in their lives to support peace and sustainability locally and globally. The name of the organization represents the understanding that we all are citizens of the Earth and share the responsibility as its stewards for the well-being and continuity of the community of life on the planet. Earth Citizen is the shared identity for all people who take this responsibility.   Learn More >

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Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) provides training and education to promote mindful living and holistic wellness to make our world more sustainable.  We especially focus on educating young community leaders who, after training, share practical tools with community members through a variety of outreach activities.

Outreach Classes

We offer various community outreach programs to help people recover their natural capacity for health and wellness.

Youth Leadership Training

The human impact on the Earth's balance is no longer tolerable.  Although we caused the problem, we also have the key to make the change.  It is our responsibility to help the Earth continue to be a nurturing home to all life.

Earth Citizen Festival
Oct 25, 2014
Lake Washington High School Theater


Tickets: $15, $5 (ages 12 & under)

Through an interactive music, dance and educational experience we will embrace our commonalities and celebrate the hope for a brighter future.